Eyeglasses Fetishism Survey

This survey targets people who are sexually attracted to eyeglasses/spectacles in partners or potential partners. It is part of the Internet Sex Survey Initiative.

Your participation will contribute to the understanding of human sexuality, and is greatly appreciated. The only criteria for participation is that you are an adult (aged 18 or older).

We remark that we consider a sexual interest in eyeglasses/spectacles as one of the many ways in which people express their sexuality, without any implied moral judgment.

Please read the following short notes before taking the survey below.

Thanks from our research team: Prof. Magnus Enquist, Prof. Emmanuele A. Jannini, Prof. Arne Öhman, Stefano Ghirlanda, PhD, Liselotte Jansson, PhD, Anthony Arak, PhD, Claudia Scorolli, Hanna Aronsson.

Your privacy is guaranteed. Only the answers you will explicitly provide, plus the time of submission, will be stored at our site. Other information (IP numbers, email addresses, etc.) will not be stored, monitored, or forwarded to third parties. Your answers will be used to produce statistical data from which individual profiles cannot be recovered.

Survey results will be published in a scientific journal, and also at this site. Completion of the survey will be announced on this page.


The questionnaire contains simple questions on your family and siblings and can be completed in about 15 to 20 minutes. It must be done in one sitting and all questions should be answered.

Click here to take the survey