Magnus Enquist

Professor of Ethology

Department of Zoology, Stockholm University

My scientific work has mainly been theoretical, but at the same time based on my background as a naturalist.  I also have undertaken empirical studies to test theoretical findings.  I  head a research group of Ph.D. students and senior scientists, and am actively engaged in collaborative work with scientists in other countries. My main research interests have been the evolution of behaviour, but my reaserch do also include behavioural mechanisms such as recognition and learning. Recently I have broadened my interests to include human behaviour and in particular the evolution of culture.
New book!
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Princeton University Press

Film making
I am involved in film making as part owner of Charon Films and as a director of documentary films.

Wild flowers, Seabirds and Islands
I very much enjoy Swedish wildflowers and excursions to places with intersting flora. I also have passionate relationship to seabirds and isolated islands.

 South Georgia Photos

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